8 Tips for More Energy

Is your lifestyle giving you energy or draining it? We talk about sleeping, eating, relationships, managing activities, and more. The goal is to have more energy, and then not lose it once we have it!

Finding Gratitude Even in the Difficult Moments

Practicing gratitude can help us break free from negative feelings, but what if we can’t find anything to feel grateful for? We talk about a gratitude game Amy plays, the ‘at least’ game, to shift our focus to what’s going right for us. The sillier and more humorous the game, the easier it is to find gratitude in those tough situations!

How to Stop Self Sabotaging Your Endo Diet

Many of us want to eat healthy, but find it really hard to actually commit to it. How do we stick to our true priorities of feeling better, and not give in to our food cravings? As Brittany goes over a method to stop self sabotage and align our actions with our priorities, Amy has a dual with her dietary kryptonite live on the show!

The Endometriosis Diet

Do you follow the endometriosis diet? We talk about what it is, why some women follow it, how to know what foods are right for you, and where to find recipes for nutritious meals. Amy has eaten this way for 14 years, and shares tips overcoming common obstacles. Read More

Period Shame, Endoflares, and Social Stigma

Amy shares about her mortifying endoflare at work, which makes us wonder why as women do we often feel shame in relation to our periods, our endo, and our womanhood? We explore societal, cultural, and historical reasons, and what we can do about it.

What’s it Like to Live with Endometriosis?

What does endo have in common with a horror movie? Find out as we explore what symptoms like pain with sex, bowel movements, and periods really mean on a physical and emotional level. We go into detail about the challenges, the ‘rules’, the consequences, and ways to empower ourselves.

Changing Your Experience with Pain

Is there a way to suffer less during painful moments? We talk about techniques Amy learned to help her get through hours of crippling menstrual pain when medicine no longer provided relief.

What Does Endometriosis Pain Feel Like?

Excruciating period cramps are common for many women with endo. We talk about everything from the fear leading up to menstruation to the pain itself to the days after recovering from it. We laugh about the challenges and Amy shares her much-wanted superpower.

9 Tips for Better Medical Care

Want to make more empowered and educated decisions about your medical care? We talk about what Amy did wrong, and right, over the years when looking for a doctor and treatment plan for her endo, and what can be learned from those experiences. Read More

From Dismissal to Diagnosis

Ever been dismissed by a doctor – or several – and start to doubt yourself? We talk about the obstacles women face trying to get diagnosed with endo and how lonely it can feel when no one believes your symptoms. We talk about Amy’s journey to diagnosis, how strong endo sufferers are, and where she will hang the post op photos in her apartment. Read More