Common Co-Conditions

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Remember, this is educational information only and not medical advice (and I am not a doctor nor an expert on endometriosis). Always check with your qualified medical professional before making any changes to your treatment plan.

Common Co-Conditions

Endometriosis can occur with other common co-conditions or pain generators. Prior to my excision, I knew that I likely had fibromyalgia and Interstitial Cystitis, but I found it really difficult to distinguish those symptoms from the endometriosis symptoms, because it was all just a giant black hole of pain, fatigue, symptoms, and misery all the time. Not to mention, all these conditions impacted each other. For example, my bladder symptoms and full body fibromyalgia pain really worsened during my period. My bladder symptoms and full body fibromyalgia pain also made it difficult to sleep, and lack of sleep influenced my endometriosis symptoms and caused me to flare.

Excision surgery lessened my inflammation, which improved my co-conditions significantly. It was only post excision that I’ve been able to tease apart which pain, urinary, and digestive symptoms were endometriosis vs another condition, and this has allowed me to start addressing my co-conditions and see progress with reducing them.

Some co-conditions could be:

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