Feel supported, get inspired, be understood

Trying to figure out how to get through the challenges of endometriosis?

Me too!

I’m Amy (she/her), and I started the podcast In Sixteen Years of Endometriosis to talk about learning to live with this awful condition. I get together with my best friend Brittany (she/they) every other week to laugh about all the ridiculous things that happen when you have an illness that can affect bodily functions.

We pride ourselves on sharing accurate, well-researched information, which is necessary for this disease where misinformation is the norm, even from many well-intentioned doctors themselves!

We talk about a broad range of topics, such as:

  • Practical tips. Want more energy? Want to commit to healthy habits or communicate better about your illness with loved ones?

  • Facts around the disease. What are the types of endo? The stages? Why does it cause fatigue and pain? What causes endo? Where can it be in the body? What myths and misconceptions are prevalent around endo?

  • Common treatment and management options. Why is excision the gold standard? How do we find an endometriosis specialist? What does research say on Lupron, Orilissa, and birth control? What role can diet and lifestyle play?

  • Resiliency. Do you know how strong you are to live with symptoms like pain, fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues, and everything else that can accompany endo?

  • Acceptance. Sometimes there are moments that are absolutely unbearable. We talk candidly about the anger, shame, sadness, and other feelings endo can bring, and how to get through them to find peace, gratitude, and joy.

And much, much more!

Bring your sense of humor! Although the topic is serious and the information is sometimes scientific, we love to make learning fun (some would say hilarious!) and memorable. We personify endometriosis, shout at our bodily organs, and delve into all those embarrassing did-that-really-just-happen?! stories. And yes, they definitely did happen!

Wherever you are in your own health journey, Brittany and I hope our podcast will support you, inspire you, and help you feel understood. If you take away anything from our podcast, we want you to know that you are not alone! We are in this together, even though illness and pain can feel really isolating at times!

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  • Life with Endo
  • Medical Care
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  • Pain

Ep89: Endometriosis and Disability

We break down the definition of disability under the ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as mention the WHO criteria. We also discuss dynamic as well...

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Ep88: It’s Okay If All You Did Today Was Survive

There are days when it feels like all we are doing is surviving. We talk about how we get through heavy feelings and how we try to stay open...

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Ep87: Acceptance, DBT, and Endometriosis – A Chat with Maggie Bowyer. Part 2

Today we continue our chat on DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) with Maggie Bowyer (they/them), by talking about interpersonal skills – what we’ve learned and are each working on. Maggie...

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Ep86: Acceptance, DBT, and Endometriosis – A Chat with Maggie Bowyer. Part 1

Today we welcome Maggie Bowyer (they/them) to the show for a beautiful chat on acceptance and DBT. DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which is a type of Cognitive...

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Ep85: Three Years Post Excision – Amy’s Update

It’s been 3.5 years since Amy had excision. She talks about what excision helped with and what she is still working on, as well as the lessons she took...

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Ep84: Excision Surgery for Endometriosis. Part 3

We finalize our excision series by speaking about how endometriosis rates of recurrence for excision vary throughout the literature, and some factors that can play a role into why...

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