Feel supported, get inspired, be understood

Trying to figure out how to get through the challenges of endometriosis?

Me too!

I’m Amy, and I started the podcast In Sixteen Years of Endometriosis to talk about learning to live with this difficult condition. Laugh, cry, and shout with us about all things endometriosis. The goal? To have a happier, healthier, and more empowered life!

With my co-host Brittany, we discuss:

  • Practical tips. Want more energy? Want to commit to healthy habits or communicate better about your illness with loved ones?
  • Strength. Do you know how strong you are to live with symptoms like pain, fatigue, brain fog, digestive issues and everything else that can accompany endo?
  • Acceptance. Sometimes there are moments that are absolutely unbearable. We talk candidly about the anger, shame, sadness, and other feelings this can bring, and how to get through them to find peace, gratitude, and joy.

And much, much more!

Oh, and bring your sense of humor, because that is how I deal with all the ridiculous symptoms that happen when you have an illness that has to do with bodily functions! We’ll also delve into all those embarrassing did-that-really-just-happen?! stories that you just want to forget, and laugh hysterically about them!

Wherever you are in your own health journey, Brittany and I hope this podcast will support you, inspire you, and help you feel understood.

We endowarriors are in this together. We are not alone, even though illness and pain can feel really isolating at times.

So let’s learn from each other as we continue to move forward.

Tune in to our episodes for down to earth talk, and a lot of laughter, on the topic of endo, health, and happiness!

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Ep25: Improving the Experience of Your Period

For many endo suffers, our period is our most dreaded time of the month. Some of us might even be terrified of getting our period because of the excruciating...

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Ep24: Traveling with Endometriosis

Going on vacation presents a lot of opportunities for endo to flare: the travel itself, different food, a bed that’s not your own, stress, being on the go, indulgences...

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Ep23: How to Deal When People Comment on What You Eat

People love to make comments about what you are eating, especially if you have chosen to eat a certain way that is different than the mainstream – such as...

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Ep22: Bowel Endometriosis

Where is bowel endo located? Is it treatable? Does it show up on a colonoscopy? Does having bowel symptoms mean I have bowel endo? Today we answer these questions...

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Ep21: Managing Stress for Less Endo Flares

For many of us, stress is one of our biggest triggers for an endo flare. What exactly is stress, and how does it affect our bodies? Today we talk...

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Ep20: Reflections about My One Year Excision Anniversary

We talk about all the feelings that have come up for us post excision such as sadness, gratitude, shock, anger, and hope. Amy talks about some of the new...

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