Medical Care

Our podcast episodes related to medical treatment of endometriosis, such as finding a doctor, surgery

Ep22: Bowel Endometriosis

Where is bowel endo located? Is it treatable? Does it show up on a colonoscopy? Does having bowel symptoms mean I have bowel endo? Today we answer these questions and more. Amy also shares about her experience with excision surgery and bowel endo.

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Ep20: Reflections about My One Year Excision Anniversary

We talk about all the feelings that have come up for us post excision such as sadness, gratitude, shock, anger, and hope. Amy talks about some of the new health problems she’s battling, and we reflect on what it means to work towards acceptance and peace with our endo and health.

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Ep16: What Effectively Treats Endometriosis?

With countless endometriosis myths and misinformation floating around, endosufferers are not always being recommended treatments that are actually effective for endometriosis. So what is the gold standard, and how do other treatments compare? We also discuss how to know if your doctor is an expert and have fun imagining if Amy got a cat named…

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Ep15: What Causes Endometriosis?

What causes endometriosis? No one knows, but there are various theories. The theory of retrograde menstruation remains unproven after 100 years, and yet ineffective treatments that are based on it remain prevalent today. We also discuss the newer theories of embryonic origin, metaplasia, and genetics, and their implication on treatment. Information sources here.

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Ep12: Common Endometriosis Myths

What exactly is endo? What colors is it? Why do some doctors miss it during a laparoscopy? Is a biopsy necessary? What is silent endo? Does menopause help it? We debunk common myths, discuss some easy ways to explain about it to those who are unfamiliar, and even unearth a few ancient legends about endo…

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Ep3: 9 Tips for Better Medical Care

Want to make more empowered and educated decisions about your medical care? We talk about what Amy did wrong, and right, over the years when looking for a doctor and treatment plan for her endo, and what can be learned from those experiences.

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