Here you will find all our podcast episodes about physical pain: endometriosis pain, chronic pain, debilitating pain, fibromyalgia pain, pain management

Ep13: When Sex Hurts

Painful sex is a reality for many with endo. We talk about the physical, emotional, and even societal sides of this, and discuss ways to improve our sex lives with endo.

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Ep5: Changing Your Experience with Pain

Is there a way to suffer less during painful moments? We talk about techniques Amy learned to help her get through hours of crippling menstrual pain when medicine no longer provided relief.

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Ep4: What Does Endometriosis Pain Feel Like?

Excruciating period cramps are common for many women with endo. We talk about everything from the fear leading up to menstruation to the pain itself to the days after recovering from it. We laugh about the challenges and Amy shares her much-wanted superpower.

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