Ep99: Interview: Endo Standard of Care with Olivia Nwankudu of Nigeria

Olivia Nwankudu (she/her) is an endometriosis advocate and Founder of EndoSurvivors International Foundation (ESIF); a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness about endometriosis, educating the public about endometriosis, and supporting endometriosis patients in Nigeria.

ESIF is also committed to reducing period poverty and improving school retention through the free distribution of sanitary pads to school children. Since inception, ESIF has educated over 9000 adolescents on menstrual hygiene and the symptoms of endometriosis, thereby encouraging discussions about periods and promoting a care-seeking behavior among those experiencing symptoms of the disease in a bid to reduce diagnostic delays.

In this episode, we discussed the work that ESIF is doing in Nigeria, as well the standard of care she’s come across there.

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