Ep97: Endo Standard of Care – A Chat with Soha Wahb of Lebanon

Soha Wahb (she/her) is a Lebanese medical student at the American University of Beirut, and founder of “Endo In Arabic”, an initiative that aims to provide accurate information about Endometriosis in both English and Arabic, and to shed light on patients’ struggles and the factors hindering access to proper care.

In this episode, Soha brings forth her perspectives of being both a patient and healthcare professional to talk about the difficulties of accessing expert care, such as how loosely the term endometriosis “specialist” is used, and the lack of set criteria and unwillingness among the general medical community to distinguish true optimal care from suboptimal care. We also had a thought provoking discussion about how the medical community in the region and worldwide needs to take initiative and responsibility in improving endometriosis care.

This episode is a part of a short series I’m doing on endometriosis care and experiences globally. The problems with care, misinformation and lack of access to excision that the endometriosis community faces is a global problem, and I wanted to highlight the voices of a few advocates worldwide who are doing great work and who could speak on obstacles to care that they’ve come across and also report on obstacles to care that members of their respective regional support groups have experienced. Please keep in mind however that while they share their experiences and opinions, they don’t speak for or represent all of the people in their country or region, just like when I speak about care I’ve encountered in the US, I’m not speaking for every person’s experience in the US either. Many of our experiences are similar, but they are also each unique and individual to each of us and vary widely. All of the opinions expressed by the interviewees are their own. 

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