Ep91: What Can Hormonal Suppression Actually Do For Endometriosis?

Updated 1/2024. Hormonal suppression – such as combined hormonal contraception, IUDs, progestins like Dienogest/Visanne, or GNRH analogs like Lupron, Orilissa, Zoladex , Synarel, Prostap, etc – MAY help SOME people with their endometriosis SYMPTOMS. However, no hormonal medications actually treat the disease, in spite of this prevalent misinformation among the medical community. We break down flawed methodology in 2 studies on Lupron and Zoladex, and talk about how hormones can’t clean up or remove endo. Endometriosis can still progress and recur while a person is taking hormones, and hormones can’t diagnose endo either.

Hormonal suppression helps many of us in this community with our symptoms and may allow some of us to have a better quality of life. But hormones also have side effects, so it’s important to understand the limitations of hormonal suppression so that we can make an informed decision on what is best our individual situation.

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