Ep9: How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your “Endometriosis Diet”

Updated 1/2024. Many of us have changed the way we eat because we find it helps with our endometriosis symptoms. Yet it can be really hard to actually commit to our dietary changes. How do we stick to our true priorities and not give in to our food cravings? As Brittany goes over a method to look at the bigger picture to help align our actions with our priorities, Amy has a dual with her dietary kryptonite live on the show. Note: this episode is not about diet culture but about trying to embrace the personal way of eating that we’ve chosen for our health.

Our relationship with food is complex, and this is just one conversation of several that we’ve had on the various aspects involved in trying to make more fitting dietary choices for ourselves as individuals. Some other episodes that complement this one are:

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