Ep8: What is the Endometriosis Diet?

Wondering about the ‘endometriosis diet’? There actually is no specific endometriosis diet but many people do make dietary changes to manage their endometriosis symptoms. Dietary changes are individual and each person has different foods that may trigger them as well as help them to feel good. We talk about what some of the most dietary common changes are, how to know what foods are right for you, and where to find recipes for nutritious meals. Amy has been eating an anti-inflammatory diet for 14 years, and shares tips for getting over common obstacles. (Important: Diet and lifestyle changes may help manage symptoms, but they cannot cure or treat endometriosis. Your endo can still progress even if you change your diet and no longer experience symptoms.) CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES: insixteenyears.com

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