Ep78: What Does Endometriosis Look Like And Why Does It Matter?

Updated 9/2023. The color of endometriosis is one of the most important factors for a surgeon to identify it, but unfortunately, many doctors haven’t been trained to recognize all the visual appearances of endo. Which means that an untrained gynecologist could miss endo during surgery, leading to misdiagnosis or leaving endo behind during surgery. We talk about the various appearances of endo as well as give information on the debate around microscopic endo.

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Laparoscopic diagnosis of endometriosis – from Dr. Redwine’s research on endopaedia.info

The visual appearance of endometriosis and its impact on our concepts of the disease – from Dr. Redwine’s research on endopaedia.info

Age related evolution in color appearance of endometriosis – from Dr. Redwine’s research on endopaedia.info

Invisible microscopic endometriosis – Is it invisible, or just not there? – from Dr. Redwine’s research on endopaedia.info

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Is There Microscopic or Occult Endometriosis – from Nancy’s Nook

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