Ep71: Hormones 101. Part 3 – Miscellaneous

Updated 10/2023. In our final episode on the basics of hormone health, we talk about some common supplements that may help support hormone health, the importance of sleep and healthy fats, and progesterone and anovulatory cycles. LIKE OUR SHOW? Please rate it or leave a review!

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Roadmap to Progesterone – Article by naturopathic doctor Lara Briden. I’ve found her information on hormones helpful to understand the menstrual cycle, perimenopause, and menopause, and how to support our bodies during this time to help with associated symptoms. **However, as for the information on her website about endometriosis, I have seen misinformation there, so take any of that info with a grain of salt.** Having said that though, some of her recommendations may be helpful for some people to manage endometriosis symptoms, but not to suppress the disease, shrink, or remove it. While she links to some studies on how X supplement etc can “reduce lesions” and other claims, these studies have design flaws. Remember – no matter the diet, lifestyle, herbs, supplements, etc, endometriosis still remains and can even progress leading to fused organs, bowel blockages, silent kidney death, etc, even if a person becomes asymptomatic.

8 Ways Magnesium Rescues Hormones – Article by naturopathic doctor Lara Briden

Ovulation Is the Main Event of the Menstrual Cycle – Article by naturopathic doctor Lara Briden

Why Zinc Is One of My Favorite Supplements for Women’s Health – Article by naturopathic doctor Lara Briden

What Should Dietary Supplement Oversight Look Like in the US?

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