Ep7: Period Shame, Endoflares, and Social Stigma

Updated 4/2023. Amy shares about a time when her period came and she had a mortifying endoflare at work, which makes us wonder why we often feel shame in relation to our periods, our endo, and reproductive organs? We explore societal, cultural, and historical reasons, and how we can try to destigmatize menstruation. Note: Endometriosis isn’t a menstrual disease but rather a full body disease characterized by systemic inflammation.  Many people with endo no longer menstruate due to menopause or a hysterectomy, or may even have never menstruated, but in this episode we focus on the experience of menstruation because the shame I felt having such incapacitating pain in public was also compounded by the societal shame I felt around menstruation. CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES: insixteenyears.com LIKE OUR SHOW? Please rate it or leave a review! SUPPORT US by buying us a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/insixteenyears

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