Ep61: Is Finding Peace with Endometriosis Possible?

Updated 4/2023. Is it possible to find peace with the pain, the symptoms, and the countless ways endo devastates our lives? We discuss our own journeys of searching for peace – what ‘finding peace’ means to us, what benefits it has brought us, and where we are in terms of acceptance. While there is no ‘correct way’ to find peace, we give some ideas on how a person could start, especially if the idea of acceptance currently seems out of reach. We also talk about how it’s ok to be exactly where you are.

This is one of our most beautiful episodes, and it’s in honor of Amy’s recently published book, called “Finding Peace with a Devastating Disease” by Amy Corfeli. Amy’s book is available worldwide on Amazon.

AMY’S BOOK: Finding Peace with a Devastating Disease, by Amy Corfeli

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