Ep56: Endometriosis is NOT the Endometrium. Part 1

Updated 4/2023. Endometriosis is tissue that is SIMILAR to the endometrium (uterine lining) but it is NOT the endometrium. Yet many websites, medical bodies, well-meaning advocates, and even misinformed doctors continue to get the definition of endo incorrect. Is it really such a big deal to know that endo is NOT the endometrium? Yes, because the two tissues act differently in the body! We talk about some ways that endo and the endometrium differ, and why this is so important to know in terms of treatment options. This episode is part 1 of 2!

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The Standard of Care is not Sufficient – Article on Nancy’s Nook by Dr. Jeff Arrington

Endometriosis FAQs – These are from ACOG’s website, and as we mention in the episode, they have the definition of endo incorrect as well as misleading information on treatment

Petitioning ACOG to Change the Standards of Care for Endometriosis Patients – Information on the petition to ACOG

The Problem with the ACOG Website – From Casey Berna’s website, this is a rewritten version of ACOG’s FAQs with correct information

Q&A with Dr. Redwine: Is Endometriosis Genetic? If so, why won’t it always recur post-operatively? 

Nosebleeds – Article by Wendy Bingham from ExtraPelvic Not Rare

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