Ep54: Do You Hate Your ‘Endometriosis Diet’?

Many of us follow some kind of special way of eating to help reduce our pain, fatigue, or flares. This could be the Paleo diet, an anti-inflammatory diet, the AIP, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, or any other diet. It often involves cutting out specific foods, and it can feel restrictive, limiting, or sad that we no longer eat the foods we love and are accustomed to. As two people each following what’s typically considered a restrictive diet, we talk about some of the language and mindset shifts that have helped us to stop hating the dietary choices we follow, and instead feel empowered and have a more pleasant experience with eating. (Important: Diet and lifestyle changes may help manage symptoms, but they cannot cure, prevent, or treat endometriosis.) CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES: insixteenyears.com

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