Ep43: Rethinking the Name and Definition of Endometriosis

The definition of endometriosis is often written incorrectly on websites, magazine articles, and even in research publications. Endometriosis is NOT the endometrium – it is tissue similar to the endometrium, but in reality, it is more different than similar! This misconception continues to propel misinformation and myths about the cause and treatment of endo. What if we were to move away from talking about the endometrium in the definition of endo? Additionally, the etymology of the word ‘endometriosis’ isn’t doing us any favors either! Today we talk about why renaming and redefining endo based on current knowledge could be a good idea. We talk about how nonsensical the theory of retrograde menstruation is, go over an alternate definition of endo as suggested by researchers, and have a LOT of fun inventing new names for endo! CONNECT WITH US! INSTAGRAM: @in16yearsofendo WEBSITE AND RESOURCES: insixteenyears.com

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