Ep41: Gut and Digestive Health. Part 1

Updated 4/2023. Our gut health plays a vital role in our digestion, but may also affect conditions that we don’t normally associate with the gut. We talk about the gut microbiome, probiotics, prebiotics, stool samples, and general tips for having good gut and digestive health.

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SOURCES: Clickable links at insixteenyears.com/episode41

SIBO/GUT HEALTH: https://insixteenyears.com/sibo-and-problems-with-gut-health/

The ultimate quick-start guide to the gut microbiome – by Lucy Mailing PhD

Practical Steps for Healing the Gut – with Michael Ruscio

A comprehensive guide to stool and microbiome testing – by Lucy Mailing PhD

Probiotics – by Lucy Mailing PhD

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