From Dismissal to Diagnosis – Show Notes

Episode 2 Show Notes: From Dismissal to Diagnosis

Some quick notes about important things we talked about in Episode 2

1) Doctors inexperienced in endo can easily miss endo. It’s more common than you might think!

2) If you think you have endo, or do have it, educate yourself about the disease. Be careful though, because there is so much misinformation out there. I highly recommend Nancy’s Nook Endometriosis Education, a closed Facebook group, which has countless resources about endo and treatment. I also like the website

3) Experienced, expert care is out there, but you have to learn to advocate for yourself and go find it! Nancy’s Nook Endometriosis Education has amazing resources for that. Also check out our episode on 9 Tips For Better Medical Care.

4) We endosisters are so strong, and we often forget that! So I’m here to tell you – with all that you face with this disease, you are a warrior! And it is not in your head!



I am not a doctor, dietitian, mental health professional, or even an expert on endometriosis. No information on this website is medical or mental health advice. All information is meant for educational and informational purposes for a general audience. Always consult your qualified medical professional first before making any changes. It’s important that you and your doctor assess the risks or impacts these changes might have on you personally. Never ignore professional medical advice or delay in seeking treatment because of anything you learned on this site.

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