115: Surgeon Interview: Dr. David Redwine, World-Renowned Excision Surgeon. Part 3

Until his retirement in 2012, Dr. David Redwine headed the world-renowned and award-winning Oregon Institute of Endometriosis at St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, Oregon, treating thousands of people with endometriosis via excision surgery from all across the US, Canada, and beyond. His research is on the website endopaedia.info and has been vital to the endometriosis community, helping empower and educate both patients and physicians alike. He has presented his theory of origin of endo, Mulleriosis, around the world.

—“Sins of the endometriosis literature.”
—The recent research that came out with Horvath’s pan-tissue clock and the origin of endometriosis.
—Claims on the Lupron website is that it’s “used for the reduction of endometriotic lesions.”
—Microscopic endometriosis.
—The ESHRE updated endometriosis guidelines around diagnosis of endo.

IN EPISODES 67 AND 68 (go back and check them out!), we did part 1 and part 2, in which we discussed:
—endometriosis treatments
—excision surgery
—endometriosis recurrence
—the embryonic origin of endo
—why he considers Sampson’s theory of retrograde menstruation the most dangerous theory in the history of medicine
—what endo does in the body
—obstacles to endometriosis treatment

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