114: Interview: Endo Coaches, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine, and Wellness Culture with Kate Boyce

Many people regret having spent thousands of dollars on naturopathy, coaches, and functional medicine that didn’t help them, that they could have instead spent on excision surgery, a registered dietitian, pelvic floor therapy, SIBO treatment with a gastroenterologist, or other types of doctors/treatment.

Today Amy speaks with Kate Boyce (she/her) on common red flags to look out for in wellness culture. Kate is a board certified patient advocate and endometriosis patient herself. She is the co-founder of the Instagram and webpage EndoGirlsBlog, which provides accurate information to people with endometriosis.

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Hormones/HRT – write up from my website

Wellness Culture – write up from my website

Naturopathy and Functional Medicine – write up from my website

The “Endo Diet” – write up from my website


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