109: Surgeon Interview: Adhesions with Excision Surgeon Dr. John Dulemba

We interview Dr Dulemba, an excision surgeon who has been in private practice in Denton, Texas, since 1986. He’s performed over 7300 endometriosis surgeries, so he has a lot of insight on endometriosis. Dr. Delumba offers a second look surgery for adhesions just a few days after his original excision surgery. He brings his knowledge to this episode to answer various questions related to adhesions!

Dr. Dulemba also joined us in episode 106 to speak about robotic excision surgery, so if you missed that, please check it out!

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CONNECT WITH DR. DULEMBA: Dr Delumba works at the Women’s Centre in Denton, Texashttps://www.womenscentre.net/

Adhesions – article by Dr. Ken Sinervo, CEC