Ep107: Interview: How to Find an Excision Surgeon with Kate Boyce, BCPA

We speak with Kate Boyce (she/her), who is the co-founder of the Instagram and webpage EndoGirlsBlog, which provides accurate information to people with endometriosis. Kate is a board certified patient advocate and endometriosis patient herself.

Excision surgery is operator dependent, meaning that it depends on the surgeon’s skills. There are very few excision surgeons in the world with the top level skill, and many regular OBGYNs with no extra surgical training, and then surgeons at different skill levels in between those. Kate breaks down for us what to look for in a surgeon, so that we can know what questions to ask and how to determine if our surgeon has the necessary skills to excise our endo.

Note: There’s actually 2 types of endometriosis surgery: excision and ablation. Excision is the gold standard treatment for endo and our discussion is about finding an excision surgeon.

SOURCES: Clickable links at insixteenyears.com/episode107

How to Find a Specialist – full outline and resources of what we spoke about today

Analogy for the Hierarchy of Endometriosis Surgeons – IG post from EndoGirlsBlog to help understand the range of skills and experience different surgeons can have for endometriosis

Treatment – learn about the differences between ablation and excision here


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