Ep106: Surgeon Interview: Robotic Surgery for Endo with Excision Surgeon Dr. Dulemba

We interview Dr Dulemba, an excision surgeon who has been in private practice in Denton, Texas, since 1986. He’s performed over 5000 standard laparoscopic endometriosis cases and over 2300 robotic endometriosis cases! He’s been performing robotic surgery since 2007, and now all his surgeries are done via robotics. 

Dr. Dulemba has published papers addressing pelvic pain, laparoscopy, endometriosis, and robotic surgery. Today, he shares his insight on robotic surgery, including safety, advantages, and disadvantages.

Note: Excision surgery can be via robotic surgery or a standard laparoscopy – both techniques can potentially give the patient a good outcome with low complication rates. The robot is just a tool. It doesn’t make or break your surgery, or mean that you will have any better or worse surgery because of it when in the hands of an expert. What’s most important is not if it’s robotic or standard laparoscopy, but rather the surgeon’s ability to recognize endometriosis in all its colors, appearances, and locations, and to safely excise it from all locations.

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Dr Delumba works at the Women’s Centre in Denton, Texas

Robotic Surgery. From Dr John F. Dulemba. 

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