Ep105: Ableism. Part 2

Ableism is prevalent in society, and it’s systemic, just as racism and other forms of oppression and discrimination are. We discuss what ableism is, and give a brief recap of the medical vs the social model of disability before diving into some ableist comments we’ve heard as people with chronic illnesses and dynamic disabilities. We also touch briefly on the ableism of wellness culture and the lack of disability accommodations throughout society.

Note: we are only speaking for ourselves and not for the disability community at large. If our limited discussion of ableism interests you, we encourage you to follow disabled people online and on social media, because there are many disabled people bringing awareness and speaking out on these topics. It’s important to dismantle our own ableism by learning from people of various identities and perspectives.

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Working Definition of Ableism – January 2022 update – from Talila A. Lewis

What’s another word for crazy? From Word Hippo

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