Educación sobre Endo

Educación sobre Endometriosis 

Hay muchísima desinformación respecto de la endometriosis. Por desgracia, la mayoría de las páginas que brindan información sobre esta enfermedad, e incluso nuestros propios médicos, suelen compartir datos erróneos y mitos. Debido a eso, es muy importante que consiga su información de una fuente fiable. 

Recomiendo los siguientes recursos (que están todos en inglés) para educarse sobre la endometriosis. Por supuesto, no es una lista definitiva, pero son los recursos que utilizo más frecuentemente. 

  • ¿No sabe por dónde empezar? Aquí tiene un resumen de información básica sobre endometriosis. 
  • ¿Busca un cirujano de escisión? Aquí tiene un resumen del tratamiento y recursos.

Recursos en español

Todos los lugares de donde obtengo mi información están en inglés mas abajo, pero he visto información confiable en estas páginas de Instagram:

Páginas web recomendadas

  • Endometriosis: a Complex Disease – Excellent overview of endometriosis from the Center for Endometriosis Care. I also highly recommend you explore their online library of resources on endometriosis! “Led by internationally renowned endometriosis expert Ken Sinervo, MD, MSc, FRCSC, ACGE, the CEC is a global leader in the care and treatment of the disease.”

  • Nancy’s Nook – Incredible “endometriosis learning library”: what endometriosis is, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, resources, FAQs. They also have a Facebook group which has a list of excision surgeons worldwide in the Files section of the group (but as always, make sure to vet any surgeon you find, even if on their list, as not all excision surgeons have equal skill. I link questions to ask your surgeon in the Treatment section here).

  • – This excellent website is “a comprehensive, online resource on the origin, diagnosis, and optimal management of endometriosis, and represents the life’s work of world-renowned endometriosis excision surgeon and gynaecologist, Dr. David B. Redwine, M.D.”

  • Eighty-Six the Endo – Run by Melissa, a fellow endometriosis warrior and registered nurse, she shares “endometriosis education, tips, nutrition info, and the raw reality of what it means to have endometriosis.” Some highlights of her website: How she got insurance to approve her excision surgery and a printable list of questions to ask your excision surgeon.

  • The Endo Girls Blog – Run by Kate and Laura, they are patient advocates with endometriosis and give accurate info on treatment options and disease facts while also supporting the community.

  • Pacific Endometriosis and Pelvic Surgery – Easy to understand articles on endometriosis in the Education section.

  • ExtraPelvic Not Rare – While many doctors state that endometriosis is rarely found outside of the reproductive organs, endometriosis on the intestines, bladder, lungs, diaphragm, and other locations is actually not as rare as we have been lead to believe. This website has educational videos on extrapelvic endometriosis, info on the disease by body system, and more.

  • Endometriosis: One Step at a Time – “This collaborative program shares information from a variety of experts; no agenda, just truth.” A collection of text and video on a variety of topics endometriosis related, from endometriosis basics to symptom management to emotional support. It’s free, but you need to make a login to access the course, which is under the free starter membership.


  • Endometriosis Summit YouTube Page“Uniting Patients, Practitioners, & Doctors to Move Endometriosis Forward.”

  • Endo What? – Fantastic documentary about endometriosis with well-researched information and patient experiences. Some people with endometriosis find it upsetting/triggering to watch, but it’s a great documentary to share with people who don’t have endometriosis to help them understand it.

  • Endo What? – School Nurse Initiative – You can send an endometriosis toolkit to educate school nurses to the schools of your choice. I sent one to my high school. I spent so much time in the nurse’s office in my senior year – if they had known to recognize the obvious symptoms of endometriosis I might have been diagnosed sooner!


  • 100 Questions & Answers About Endometriosis by Dr. David Redwine, renowned excision surgeon.

Groups de Facebook

  • Nancy’s Nook – They have a list of excision specialists worldwide in the Files section of the group (but as always, make sure to vet any surgeon you find, even if on their list, as not all excision surgeons have equal skill. I link questions to ask your surgeon in the Treatment section here).

  • ExtraPelvicNotRare – Great group for people with extra pelvic endometriosis.