Amy's book is on a wooden tray along with a cup of tea. On the right of the tray, there is a teapot and a green plant
Close up of Amy's book, showing chapter 75 that says "I can be ok without anything changing."

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How can we have joy in the face of the pain caused by endometriosis? How can we stop spending energy resenting such a large piece of our lives? Is it possible to find peace with endometriosis? What does finding peace even mean? In this beautifully raw and honest collection of seventy-six reflections, Amy delves deep into the crushing pain of a flare, the journey to finding self-compassion, and other topics while she brings us with her on a quest for acceptance, meaning, and a new relationship with illness—and ourselves.

Whether you have endometriosis or another devastating illness, Amy’s vulnerability, along with her introspective question prompts at the end of each reflection, will support your personal exploration into learning what finding peace means to you.

In episode 61, we speak about these concepts that appear in Amy’s book! Listen here: Is Finding Peace with Endometriosis Possible?


Close up of Amy's book, showing chapter 23 that says "Acceptance is not linear"

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